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Saturday, 05 December 2015 01:59

Brookes Jetty

Drain outlet & jetty ca 1920-1950 Drain outlet & jetty ca 1920-1950 CCP Phillip Collection image sk0246
Other names   Dinghy Pier, Dinghy Jetty, Brooke's Pier
Date built   ca. 1897-1912
History   As part of the foreshore improvements ca 1897-1912 the timber lined drain alongside the Brooke's Bros. boat shed was covered with a deck to form a wide pier and breakwater, and an 'L' shaped jetty added at the end. The section over the drain was replaced in concrete ca. 1933. Brooke's Jetty was demolished in November 2015.

Aerial view over South Beach ca 1918-1919Aerial view over South Beach ca 1918-1919, (CPP Collection?)

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