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Brooke Bros' Boathouse

Brooke's Boathouse from the Rockery ca 1906-1920 Brooke's Boathouse from the Rockery ca 1906-1920 SLV image H33669/70
Other Names      Brooke's Boat Shed, Brooke's Boats
Date Built   1884.09.20
Architect   Arthur Lewis (c.1842-1890), High Street St Kilda

Frederick Brooke (d. 1884), fisherman & boat hire

History   In mid 1884 Frederick Brooke obtained a licence to occupy a section of the beach opposite the end of Cavell Street. He constructed a boat shed to the designs of Arthur Lewis architect. Tragically Brooke died in a storm later that same year. His sons George Frederick (Fred) and Arthur eventually carried on the business, trading under the name of Brooke Bros until 1920 when they sold the permissive occupancy to the St Kilda Dinghy Club. As part of the foreshore improvements ca 1897-1912 the timber lined drain alongside the boat shed was covered with a deck to form a wide pier and breakwater, and an 'L' shaped jetty added at the end. The pier section over the drain was replaced in concrete ca. 1933.


South Beach c1918Aerial view of South Beach showing Brooke's Jetty ca.1918-1919, City of Port Phillip Collection




Summary or [Notes]


Telegraph, St Kilda, Prahran & South Yarra Guardian 1884.6.21 p.6


St Kilda Council June 16th: Sec 6. Recommended that the Lands Department be informed that this Council has no objection to the issue of a license to Mr F. Brooke for a site for a boat shelter-house at the South Beach, St Kilda…


Argus 1884.09.20, p.15


Tenders: A. Lewis architect, High Street St Kilda. Tenders boathouse, South Esplanade, St Kilda for Mr. Brooks [sic].


Age 1884.12.16 p.5


News: There is little doubt that two fishermen, named Frederick Brooks [sic] and Trueiler [sic], of Beaconsfield-parade. St. Kilda, were drowned in Hobson's Bay during the heavy storm which raged on Wednesday. The men left St. Kilda on Wednesday in a centre-board boat named the Rover, for the purpose of pursuing their occupation as fishermen. During a heavy squall in the afternoon the crew of the yacht Janet saw what they believe to be the Rover, laboring heavily in a rough sea.


PROV wills & probate, file no. 30/127


[Death recorded for Frederick Brooke on 10th December 1884. Boathouse on beach listed amongst assets as worth £100. He left a wife, Alice and six young children.]





MMBW detail plan 1368, June 1897, SLV Maps CollectionPart MMBW detail plan 1368, June 1897, SLV Maps Collection

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