Acacia Cottage, 18-21 Esplanade

John Vardy, Plans of the Borough of St Kilda (1873) John Vardy, Plans of the Borough of St Kilda (1873) City of Port Phillip Collection
Date Built: ca. 1848-1850
Architect: unknown
Builder: unknown
Owners: Thomas Jackson (ca.1848-1880), Alfred Kirkpatrick (1880-)
Occupiers: Thomas Jackson (ca.1848-1853), Mrs Sloper (1856), Thomas Jackson (ca.1859-1880)
Demolished: ca.1882

At the first St Kilda Crown Land sale on 7 December 1842, this site known as Crown Allotment 7 was purchased by Dr. Thomas Black. He also purchased Allotment 9 directly behind in Robe Street which he later built his residence.

Allotment 7 was subsequently purchased by Thomas Jackson, ironmonger who had a single storey villa constructed on the site as his residence and named it Acadia Cottage.

Jackson died 10 June 1880. His executors offered the subdivided site for sale on 29 October 1880. All six lots were bought by Alfred Kirkpatrick who re-subdivied the block into 4 larger lots. Acacia Cottage was demolished and Murweh and Questa were built on the two blocks facing the Esplanade.


SubdivisionPortion7Plan of subdivision of Crown Allotment 7, SLV Maps



  Source Description or [note]
1. Argus 1848.06.30 p.3

Revised List of Electors for the Electoral District of Port Phillip

For the year commencing, 1st June 1848, to 31st May 1849: [no listing for Thomas Jackson]

2. Argus 1851.03.19 p.3

Sales by Auction

Wednesday, 19th March, Valuable household furniture etc. at the residence of Mr Thomas Jackson, St Kilda.

Francis & Cohen are favoured with instructions from Mr. Thomas Jackson (previous to his departure for Europe) to sell at his residence St Kilda, this Day at eleven o'clock precisely, the whole of his household furniture and other effects. … [description follows] … The premises to be let. This Day at one o'clock precisely, at the residence of Thomas Jackson Esq.

3. Argus 1851.03.19 p.3

Sales by Auction

This day 19th inst at one o'cock precisely. At the residence of Thomas Jackson, Esq, St Kilda. One of the most beautiful marine allotments (subdivided as per plan) that has yet been offered for sale, in the beautiful romantic village of St Kilda. ... [description of 14 lots follow].

4. Argus 1856.06.11 p.3


Acacia Cottage, Beach, St Kilda - Miss Sloper has vacancies for Two Pupils. Terms - 100 guineas per annum. Music and dancing the only extras.

5. Argus 1867.04.11 p.4


On the 10th inst., at her residence, Esplanade, St Kilda, Mary Ann, the beloved wife of Thomas Jackson. She bore her trials with true fortitude and patient resignation.

6. Argus 1868.06.23 p.4


On the 9th inst., at St. James's Cathedral, by the Rev. M. H. Becher, Thomas Jackson, Esq., St Kilda, to Louisa, sixth doughtier of the late Morris Sayce, Esq., Kington, Herefordshire.

7. Argus 1880.06.11 p.1


On the 10th inst., at his residence, Esplanade, St Kilda, Thomas Jackson, native of Staffordshire, England.

8. Argus 1880.10.29 p.2

Sales by Auction

This day at three o'clock on the ground, being subdivision of Crown Portion 7 into six valuable allotments. In the estate of the Late Thomas Jackson … [description follows].

9. Argus 1881.02.19 p.5

To Let

Esplanade, St Kilda - elegant and commodious villa residence, two acres. Ham, Swanston street.

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