The original meaning of esplanade was a large, open, level area outside fortress or city walls to provide clear fields of fire for the fortress' guns. In modern usage the space allows people to walk for recreational purposes; esplanades are often on sea fronts, and allow walking whatever the state of the tide, without having to walk on the beach. Esplanades became popular in Victorian times when it was fashionable to visit seaside resorts.

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Other names Carlyon's Esplanade Hotel, Carlyon's Hotel Date built: 1877 Architect: Smith & Johnson architects Builder: unknown Cost: unknown 1st Owner: James Orkney (1822-1896) Architecture: The style of architecture employed is called Italianate. It was modelled on a type of Italian…
Other Names: Rathlin (?-1901), Kilnyana (1901-?), Mandalay (1916-1979?) Date Built: 1882 Architect: Smith & Johnson [The partnership of Alfred Louis Smith (1830-1907) & Arthur Ebden Johnson(1823-1895)] Builder: not known Cost: not known Owners: Alfred Kirkpatrick (1882-?), Mrs E M Perkins (-1892), Southern…

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