Blessington Street

Blessington Street

Marguerite Gardiner, Countess of Blessington (1 September 1789 – 4 June 1849) was an Irish novelist. She was for some years editor of The Book of Beauty and The Keepsake, popular annuals of the day. In 1834 she published her Conversations with Lord Byron. Her Idler in Italy (1839–1840), and Idler in France(1841) were popular for their personal gossip and anecdotes, descriptions of nature and sentiment.

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  Other names: St Kilda Cup (from 2 January 1850), Village Belle races Date began: 1st January 1847 Instigator: Frank Liardet Description: A bush course on which a mostly two day event was held, located on Crown land between Blessington…

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