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Stoke House, 30 Jacka Boulevard

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View from Jacka Boulevard ca.1913 View from Jacka Boulevard ca.1913 City of Port Phillip Collection

St Kilda By the Sea 1913, p.14, SLV

Other Names: Shelter Pavilion, Shelter Shed, Foreshore Pavilion, Foreshore Tearooms, Stokehouse, Stoke House
Date Built: February to September 1908
Architect: David Foster Stevenson (d. 1936)
Builder: W. Johnston, Box Hill
Cost: £457
First Occupant: Mary Gillespie
Description: Large two storey timber structure, open on upper level, with enclosed kitchen and tearooms below, designed in the Queen Anne style, surrounded by earth mounds giving protection from the sea, and having bridges from these mounds to the upper level, all on an area of reclaimed land projecting into the sea.
History: See notes and summary below
Other Occupiers: Miss Weickhardt (-1913-)

H92.150 785View ca 1910-1920, John Henry Harvey 1855-1938 photographer, image #H92.150/785, SLV Pictures Collection

  SourceNote or summary
1. Argus, 1906.06.26 p.4

St Kilda Beach another Coney Island.

St Kilda Shore Committee formed and given authority of foreshore from Dickens Street to municipal boundary with South Melbourne.

2. Argus, 1908.02.08 p.20

St Kilda Improvements.

The St Kilda shore committee has accepted the tender of Mr W. Johnston, of Box Hill, at £457, for the erection of the large shelter pavilion at St Kilda beach. Mr D. F. Stevenson, who won the prize for the best design, will be the architect.

3. Argus, 1908.09.09 p.2


Tenders for the use of the refreshment-rooms at the new Shelter Pavilion for one, two or three years will close on Monday, 28th September, 1908 at noon.

4. Argus, 1908.10.03 p.5


St Kilda Shelter Pavilion tea-rooms. Fresh tenders for the above, closing noon Friday, 9th October, 1908, four rooms and kitchen, instead of two. Other Concessions.

5. Argus, 1908.10.14 p.8 Mrs Mary Gillespie's tender to rent the tea-rooms at the new shelter pavilion for three years, at £110 annum, has been accepted by the St Kilda foreshore committee.
6. St Kilda By the Sea 1913 p.14 [Picture of tearooms from side looking south]



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