Fitzroy Street

Fitzroy Street

Sir Charles Augustus FitzRoy, KCH, KCB (10 June 1796 – 16 February 1858) was a British military officer, politician and member of the aristocracy, who held governorships in several British colonies during the 19th century including New South Wales from 2 August 1846 to 28 January 1855.

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Other names: Summerland (from ca. 1870) Date built: from August 1852 Architect: George Wharton (1822-1891) Builder: unknown Cost: unknown Owners: Robert Bennett (-1852-1864), John Barter Bennett (1864-1869), John Guthrie (1869-1870), George Wilson (1870-1890), Georgina Fraser, née Watt (1890-1910), Elsie Rowe…
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Edward O'Donnell's house Lockinge stood on this site from ca. 1881-1937. Following O'Donnell's death the house was put up for auction on Tuesday 6 August. On auction day it was passed in but later purchased by Margaret Carter sometime in late 1935.…

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